Programmable Controllers

High-speed counter/Pulse I/O modules

Pulse input modules capable of high-speed counting
Models Available
QD62 / QD62E / QD62D
●High-speed counter module Standard type
●High-speed counter module
Multi-channel high-speed counter module
●High-speed counter module
4 Mpps compatible high-speed counter module
●High-speed counter module
Multi-function counter/timer module

● External coincidence output (QD64D2 includes 2 per channel): Select coincidence output, continuous comparison (QD64D2 only), or the coincidence detection interrupt function for flexible high-speed external device control.
● Many functions are available to satisfy application requirements including the coincidence output test function (QD64D2 only), latch counter function (excluding QD63P6), and preset function.
● Calculate pulses at speeds up to 8 Mpps (4 multiples of 2 phases). Perform precise position tracking using a high-resolution encoder for demanding applications such as semiconductor and LCD manufacturing. (QD65PD2)

Channel isolated pulse input
Model Available
●Channel isolated pulse input module
● The QD60P8-G operates on a 10 ms control cycle, thus the minimum value refresh time is 10 ms. The count cycle setting can be changed to the desired time for cumulative count values and moving average pulse counts (sampling pulse counts).

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