Programmable Controllers

I/O Extensions

Both [I/O Extension Units] with a built-in power supply and [I/O Extension Blocks] without a power supply are available in various I/O sizes and configurations.

Extension units
Models of AC Power Type
FX2N-32ER  /  FX2N-32ER-ES   /  FX2N-32ES  /  FX2N-32ET  /  FX2N-32ET-ESS   /  FX2N-48ER   /  FX2N-48ER-ES  /  FX2N-48ET /   FX2N-48ET-ESS  /  FX2N-48ER-UA1
Models of DC Power Type
FX2N-48ER-D  /  FX2N-48ER-DS  /  FX2N-48ET-D  /  FX2N-48ET-DSS

Function expansion board
Models Available

Extension blocks
Models of Input extension blocks
FX2N-8ER  /  FX2N-8ER-ES  /  FX2N-8EX  /  FX2N-8EX-ES   /  FX2N-8EX-UA1  /  FX2N-16EX  /  FX2N-16EX-ES   /  FX2N-16EX-C (Connector input)  /  FX2N-16EXL-C (Connector input)
Models of Output extension blocks
FX2N-8EYR  /  FX2N-8EYR-ES   /  FX2N-8EYR-S-ES  /  FX2N-8EYT  /  FX2N-8EYT-H /  FX2N-8EYT-ESS  /  FX2N-16EYR  /  FX2N-16EYR-ES  /  FX2N-16EYS  /  FX2N-16EYT  /  FX2N-16EYT-ESS  /  FX2N-16EYT-C (Connector output)

Extension block for connector type main unit (FX3GC, FX3UC)
Models of Input extension blocks
FX2NC-16EX-T  /  FX2NC-16EX-T-DS  /  FX2NC-16EX  /  FX2NC-16EX-DS  /  FX2NC-16EX-D  /  FX2NC-32EX  /  FX2NC-32EX-DS  /  FX2NC-32EX-D/UL
Models of Output extension blocks
FX2NC-16EYR-T  /  FX2NC-16EYR-T-DS  /  FX2NC-16EYT  /  FX2NC-16EYT-DSS  /  FX2NC-16EYT-D  /  FX2NC-32EYT  /  FX2NC-32EYT-DSS  /  FX2NC-32EYT-D/UL

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