Motion Controllers

Simple Motion modules

The MELSEC-L series Simple Motion module achieves various controls including synchronous and cam controls with excellent ease of use similar to Positioning modules.

Model Available
LD77MS16 / LD77MS4 / LD77MS2
Servo amplifier connection method: SSCNETIII/H (150Mbps)
Maximum distance between stations [m(ft.)]: 100(328.08)
Connectable servo amplifier: MR-J4-B(-RJ), MR-J4W-B
Control unit: mm, inch, degree, PULSE
Number of positioning data: 600 data (positioning data No. 1 to 600)/axis
Acceleration/deceleration process: Trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration, S-curve acceleration/deceleration
Manual control: JOG operation, Manual pulse generator operation, Inching operation
Functions that change control details: Current value change, Speed change function, Target position change function, Torque limit value change, Speed change, Override function, Acceleration/deceleration time change function
Home position return method: Proximity dog method, Count method 1, Count method 2, Data set method, Driver home position return, Scale home position signal detection method
Number of I/O occupying points: 32 points (I/O allocation: Intelligent function module, 32 points)
Mass [kg]: 0.22

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