LED OUTDOOR Wall Lights With PIR Motion Sensor

WL11 LED Outdoor Wall Lights With PIR Motion Sensor is an Energy-efficient led outdoor wall lights with motion sensor alternative to standard bulkhead luminaires, Featuring SMD LED chip, and 88% luminous efficiency produce a high lumen output. Led PIR wall light comes with an internal isolated driver to ensure safety and save the space. The illuminating and sensor directions can be adjusted easily, allowing you to position the light higher or lower as you required. IP65 rated external PIR wall lights are ideal for outdoor walkways, garage areas, back door entrances, etc.

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  • Both wall mounted and ceiling mounted are optional, easy to install.
  • Adopts constant current driver to make sure the safety, both single and double heads available.
  • IP65 rated providing protection from splashed water.
  • Comes complete with PIR sensor with a 3-10 metre fixed range and 10sec-7mins (adjustable) timer function.
  • Internal driver to save the space.

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