PLUG & LIGHT | LED spotlight

The LED Spotlight can be swiveled by up to 90° and rotated by 360°. As a result, It produces a perfectly aligned LED Spotlight. The Plug and Light Spotlight has three stages of adjustable glare protection and can produce the appropriate lighting effects on the ceiling and walls.

Plug & Light is an innovative system that can be combined with both conventional electrical installations and modern building system technology.‎ For maximum comfort and future-oriented, individually usable solutions.‎

Combined with suitable luminaires, Plug & Light guarantees reliable, effective, and easy-to-control interior lighting.‎ From monochrome dimming with a color temperature of 2700k through to warm dim (2700 – 4000k).‎ The open system fits into all standard wall boxes commercially available in European countries.‎ It not only redefines the way interior lighting is controlled – but it also introduces a totally new way of handling the corresponding luminaires.

LED Spotlight Details

  • The LED spotlights in the A and LS series are now also both available in the “warm dimming” design.
  • Dimmable.
  • LED spotlight continuously rotatable by 360°.
  • Energy efficiency class: A++ to A.
  • This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps.
  • The lamps can not be replaced in the luminaire.

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