150W Asymmetrical Flood Light

150W Flood Light Asymmetrical is commonly used as Light garden/parking lot light IP66 120LM industrial light,airport lighting, Floodlight, IP66 IK08, outdoor light, Warehouse Factory Industrial Light

150W LED Flood Light

150W LED Floodlight is suitable for use in all tunnel /Plaza /Garden/Lawn/ Playground/Golf course port and underpass areas for roadway and railroad applications etc.

10W RGB LED Flood Light

10w RGB LED flood light, change color tone Randomly, Aluminium body, Driver inbuilt, Direct 220v, IP65. These lights are well-suited for parties and fun gatherings because they give a disco effect. The light changes color from red to blue to green and even mixes colors. This really enhances the party mood and makes you groove harder with the music and It can be well suited for Gardens to make the appearance of the garden more lively.

Diamond Flood light

Diamond LED Flood Light is a new type of LED lighting light source, developed on the basis of the traditional floodlight products, compared with the traditional floodlight, high thermal conductivity, light failure is small, light color purity, no ghosting, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, etc, the products adopt constant current constant voltage control, power supply with high efficiency.Position in residential outdoor settings for widespread illumination. You can also use this floodlight in commercial or warehouse settings.