LED Stroboscopes


The DS-2000LED-UV is a battery-powered hand-held Blacklight LED stroboscope designed for inspecting UV ink on labels, security tags, watermarks, and more. Seven state-of-the-art, super-bright UV LEDs mounted in a precision-machined aluminum head with optimized optics, provide the superior light output.

Complete Kit
DS-2000LED-UV Strobe is supplied in a foam-fitted plastic carrying case with 6x AA batteries

Powered by 3 AA batteries, the DS-2000LED-UV can operate even at the highest flash rates for up to six hours. An easy-to-use interface allows the operator to quickly adjust the flash speed to sync to the moving process.

A high-impact plastic housing with rubber sleeve provides additional protection as well as improved grip for the operator. Lifetime LEDs do not wear-out or need replacement making this product ideal for use in harsh printing environments.

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  • UV Light Spectrum is 380…390 nm
  • Produces the brightest flash and sharpest image over the entire range to 300,000 FPM.
  • Lifetime LEDs do not wear-out or need replacement.
  • Intuitive controls allow user to quickly adjust flash rate and shift phase.
  • User-selected units of Hz or FPM (Flashes Per Minute).
  • IP 65 rated housing provides protection from water jets.
  • The Trigger Output provides a frequency output signal which can be used by data collection devices to record flash rate.
  • An External Trigger Inpup signal can be used to externally control the flash rate.


UV Wavelength 380-390 Nanometers
Frequency Range 30 - 300,000 FPM (0.5 - 5000Hz)
Flash Duration Adjustable (1 usec up to 8522 usec)
Accuracy ± 0.02% ± 500ns
Resolution ± 0.1 FPM (30 - 999) ± 1 FPM 1000+
UV Light Spectrum 380…390 nm
Protection Class IP65 (Protection from Dust and Water Jets).
Display LCD, multiple lines
Certification CE (as per EU norms)
Power Supply 3x AA size batteries or 3x NiMH rechargeable batteries
Housing Material Aluminum / ABS Heavy duty design.
Temperature Range 0° - 45° C / 32° - 113° F
Warranty 2 Years

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