Digital Force Gauges

DST Digital Force Gauge

The DST digital force gauges are simple-to-use basic gauges featuring user-friendly menu operation. Selections including unit and measuring mode can be locked to prevent accidental changes.

Models Available
Digital Force Gauge, 7 oz / 200 g / 2 N Capacity – DST-0.4A
Digital Force Gauge, 1 lb/ 500 g / 5 N Capacity – DST-1A
Digital Force Gauge, 4.4 lb/ 2 Kg / 20 N Capacity – DST-4A
Digital Force Gauge, 11 lb/ 5 Kg / 50 N Capacity – DST-11A
Digital Force Gauge, 44 lb / 20 Kg / 200 N Capacity – DST-44A
Digital Force Gauge, 110 lbs / 50 Kg / 500 N Capacity – DST-110A
Digital Force Gauge, 220 lbs / 100 Kg / 1000 N Capacity – DST-220A

Complete Kit
All DTS gauges are sold in a complete kit with gauge, hard plastic carrying case, a set of six standard attachments, a NIST Traceable Calibration Cert, Instruction Manual, and AC adapter/charger.

The large backlit LCD display can be configured in basic format to show value, unit, and measuring mode or multi-line format to display peak and real-time values simultaneously. Additional features include a reversible display and high/low setpoints with an OK indicator for Go/No Go testing.

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  • Backlit LCD display with user-friendly menus.
  • Setting security lock prevents accidental changes.
  • Ergonomic, durable, heavy-duty metal construction.
  • Selectable real time or peak mode operation.
  • USB and RS-232C output.
  • Push-button tare function.
  • Overload capacity 200% F.S.; display flashes at overload limit.
  • Runs on internal Ni-MH batteries (user replaceable) or AC adapter; charge with USB port or portable charger.
  • DST kit includes set of six attachments, AC charger/adapter, calibration cert traceable to NIST and carrying case.


Measuring Principle Bidirectional force sensor with strain gauge
Accuracy ± 0.2% F.S., ± 1 LSD
Sampling Rate 30,000/second
A/D Converter 16 bit
Setpoints Programmable high/low setpoints with OK indicator
Display LCD, 4 digits
Selectable Units N, gf (kgf), lbf (ozf)
Display Update Rate 8 times/sec.
Outputs USB, RS-232C
Battery Indicator Battery icon displays three levels of charge
Housing Material Die-cast aluminium
Plug Gauge M6 Male Thread
Operating Temperature 32° to 100°F (0° to 40°C)
Warranty 2 Years

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