LED Stroboscopes

DT-326B light weight LED Stroboscope

This  LED Stroboscope DT-326B is a lightweight and battery-powered handheld stroboscope. It provides an accurate and stable flash. The innovative design allows a longer flash tube life, with a longer life than traditional xenon flash tubes. This handy LED Stroboscope has a rechargeable lithium battery, with one charge cycle lasting up to 12 hours.

The DT-326B is designed for speed and frequency measurements in motion and vibration analysis applications. It is ideal for a number of maintenance applications in many different industries such as the printing, packaging, textile, automotive, cable, mining, steel, chemical, optics, medical and marine industries.

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  • AC Operation:100 – 240 VAC Line Power Operation with AC adapter for continuous use or rechargeable battery for maximum portability.
  • Wide Flash Range: 60-120,000 flashes per minute, can be applied to meet almost any HIGH-SPEED application.
  • Ratio Control (Flash Pulse Duration): Adjustable Flash Pulse duration achieves sharper images for critical inspection.
  • ECO Mode: Brightness control extends battery life.
  • Phase Shift: Advance or retard flash timing for viewing gear teeth, cutting surfaces, repeats or “drifting” images.
  • All Metal Construction: Durable, comfortable, hand-held, fixed or swing arm mounted.


Measuring Units FPM, Hz
Flash range High range: 60 - 120000 FPM / 1 - 2000Hz / Low range: 60 - 12000 FPM / 1 - 200 Hz
Precision 0,01%
Light source Bright LED's
Flash mode Normal and ECO (Energy saving mode)
Operating temperature 0 °C - 35 °C
Battery Life 12 hours

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