Digital Force Gauges

FG-3000 Series

The new FG-3000 Series digital force gauges are the choice for simple, economical tension and compression testing. Combining a compact housing, yet maintaining a large backlit LCD screen, these units are designed to fit snug in the hand for ease of use.

Models Available
Digital Force Gauge, 2.2 lb / 10 N Capacity
Digital Force Gauge, 11 lb / 50 N Capacity
Digital Force Gauge, 22 lb / 100 N Capacity
Digital Force Gauge, 44 lb / 200 N / 20 Kg Capacity
Digital Force Gauge, 110 lb / 500 N Capacity
Digital Force Gauge, 220 lb / 1000 N Capacity

The multi-language FG-3000’s provide menu programming for the intuitive set-up of the instrument to your desired requirements. Three modes of operation are available: Track mode displays live readings, Peak mode records the maximum values sensed during testing, and Pre-set mode, which activates user defined high and low limit set points

Complete Kit
The FG-3000 complete kit comes supplied with AC Adaptor/Charger, USB cable, calibration cert., 6 attachments: hook, flat tip, conical tip, chisel tip, notched tip, extension shaft in a foam fitted plastic carrying case.

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  • 1000 Hz Sample Rate combined with +/-0.3% F.S. accuracy provides fast sampling producing great resolution and more accurate results.
  • Programmable High & Low Limits allow for instant visual and audible indication of pass or fail testing in Preset mode.
  • Rugged, ergonomic die cast aluminum construction allows usage in demanding applications.
  • Comparator output function provides user with easy Pass/Fail testing system integration capabilities.
  • Multi-language and engineering unit’s selection provides flexible user options.
  • Field Calibration capability eliminates the need to send to a lab for calibration.
  • Factory Calibration Certificate included along with popular adapter attachments.
  • Free Data logging/graphing software provided, sample rate up to 60 readings/sec.


Accuracy ± 0.3% F.S.
Selectable Units N, kgf, ozf, and lbf. (Depending on Range)
Overload Capacity 150% of F.S. (LCD flashes beyond 110% of F.S.)
Measurement Method Peak, Track, Preset
Data Sampling Rate 1000 Hz
Display 160*128 dot matrix LCD with Backlight
Display Update Rate 10 times/second
Memory 500 data
Set Point Programmable high and low limits in Preset Mode
Power 3.6VDC 800mAH Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Battery Life Approximately 16 hours continuous use per full charge
Warranty 1-Year

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