Digital Force Gauges


The FGE-500HXY Capacity Digital Force Gauge measures both push and pull forces up to 500 lbs / 250 kg. Two knurled steel handles are provided for hand operation and a hanger is included which enables each gauge to be used as a scale.

Simple one-button adjustment changes units of measure, while pressing the peak button quickly produces the highest recorded value during the test. The 180° reversible display combined with the adjustable force direction and dual labeled keypad enables the FGE-X to excel in both compression and tension applications in any direction.

Typical applications include wallboard, wire pull, wire crimps, trigger pull, brake pedal, aerospace ceramic, springs, food ripeness, corrugated paper strength, blister pack, medical component, muscle strength, ergonomic testing, adhesives, syringe plunger, needle sharpness and many more.

Complete Kit
The FGE-HXY is supplied as a complete kit including AC adapter/charger, carrying case, 2 handles, hanger, metric thread to inch adapter, calibration cert and attachments (flathead, hook, chisel, notched head, cone head, extension rod) in a foam fitted plastic carrying case.

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  • Supplied with Factory Calibration Cert.
  • Measure and record compression and tension tests. Permits true “push-pull” testing.
  • 180° Reversible display and dual printed keypad allows usage as a portable gauge or mounted upside down on a test stand,
  • 1 million operation load cell with superior overload protection provides a long-life, damage free product.
  • High-capacity rugged, ergonomic die cast aluminum construction allows usage on production floor.
  • Variable display response rate aids viewing of readings.
  • Real Time or Peak hold mode easily selectable with a single button push.
  • Flexible user preference with one button selection of engineering units.
  • Dual power capable with rechargeable battery or AC line voltage.
  • CE Mark & RoHS Approval.


Accuracy ±0.2% full scale
Resolution 0.1 lb, 0.1 Kg, 1 N
Display Update 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1 sec
Sampling Rate 1000 times per second
Overload Capacity 150% of full scale
Power Rechargeable Ni-MH battery or universal AC adapter/charger (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
Auto Power Shut-Off Yes (not active if adapter/charge is in use)
Battery Life 12 hours (when fully charged)
Recharge Time Approximately 18 hours when fully discharged
Warranty 2 Years

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