Motorized Test Stands

FGS-100E Motorized Force Test Stand

The Series FGS-100E Vertical, Motorized Force Test Stands combined with our superior quality force gauges, create a complete force measurement system capable of handling the most precise testing applications.
The test stand’s all-steel construction makes them remarkably rugged while performing with precision, providing the reliability to tackle a multitude of applications.
The FGS-100E’s possess simplified operation with their 7 button key-pad and emergency stop button, eliminating lengthy training typical of similar test stands.
With four modes of operation (manual, jog, single cycle, continuous) various single tests or repetitive tests can be achieved and selected with the push of a button.

Capacities Available

Vertical Motorized Test Stand with low speed 0.23-7.00 in/min (6-180 mm/min) and 110 lb (50 kg) capacity
Vertical Motorized Test Stand with high speed 0.78-23.60 in/min (20-600 mm/min) and 110 lb (50 kg) capacity

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  • Simplified 7 button key-pad with emergency safety stop provides a user-friendly platform that does not require extensive training.
  • Field selectable inches/min or mm/min allows user preference or to change as needed per test requirement.
  • Quick-adjust manual upper and lower limits eliminates set-up time for the next test.
  • Compatibility with nearly all manufactures' force gauges enables flexibility in testing applications.
  • Large 100-230 VAC power capability provides flexible installation; eliminates power transformer.
  • Compact, modular design reduces weight, footprint and cost of stand.
  • FGV overload and set point communication cable included at no additional cost (FGS-100ECBL)


Capacity 112.4 lbf (500N, 50kgf)
Movement Speed FGS-100E-L: 6-180 mm/min (0.23-7.00in/min) FGS-100E-H: 20-600 mm/min (0.78-23.60in/min)
Speed Accuracy ± 5%
Stroke 15.75 in (400 mm)
Display LCD 3 Digits indicates movement speed, Operation Mode
Operation Mode Manual (MAU), Jogging (JOG), 1 Cycle (SIG), Continuous (CON)
Input Over Load Input Stops by FGV Over Load Signal
Dimensions Product: 3.66 x 5.91 in (93 x 150 mm); Table: 3.66 x 5.91 in (93 x 150 mm)
Temperature Range 32 - 113°F (0 - 45°C) No Condensation
Power Supply AC100 - 230V ± 10%
Weight Approx. 40.1 lbs (20 kg)
Included Accessories FGV overload & set point communication cable

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