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GalvanoTest Coulometric coating thickness measurement gauge

The anodic dissolution method, also known as the coulometric method, functions similarly to the electroplating process: an electrolyte separates individual metal coatings from the substrate with the help of an electric current. By measuring the current and time, the GalvanoTest determines the thickness of the separated coating.
Ideally suited to measuring coating thickness in virtually any single or multi-layered coatings. The GalvanoTest uses the coulometric method to measure galvanised coatings such as chrome, nickel, cadmium, copper, brass, silver, gold, tin or zinc both on metals and non-metals.

Models Available

GalvanoTest 2000
the electrolyte is circulated by a pulsator nozzle.

GalvanoTest 3000
large electrolyte volumes circulated by a circulation pump enable quick serial measurements. Suitable for use on very small parts and for the measurement of gold layers.

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  • unit of measurement in either metric (μm) or British system (mils).
  • print-out diagram showing measuring cell voltage levels over the coating; especially useful for detecting alloy zones between coating and substrate; with MiniPrint.
  • 8 de-plating speeds from 0.3 to 40 µm / min.
  • Measuring surface ranging between 0.25 and 8 mm².
  • Measuring range between 50 nm and 75 µm / 0.002 – 3 mils.
  • An electrolyte beaker (accessory) to measure wires.
  • Variable shut-down speeds to measure alloy zones.
  • A wide range of special accessories for measurements on small components and wires.


Coating/substrate combinations more than 70 coating/substrate combinations (standard version) / coatings on flat and curved surfaces / coatings on small components and wires / 8 further metal coatings for special applications /
preset types of metal Cr, Ni, Cu, brass, Zn, Ag, Sn, Pb, Cd, Au
measuring range 0.05…75 μm
Measuring cell with circulation pump
Measuring surface gasket 4 mm2/6.2 x 10-3 inch2 /mask 1 mm2/1.55 x 10-3 inch2 / mask 0.25 mm2/0.388 x 10-3 inch2 / electrolyte cup 0.25 mm2 to approx. 16 mm2/(0.388–24.8) x 10-3 inch2
Adjustable settings for optimum results maximum of 8 deplating speeds in the range of approx. 0.3–40 μm (0.012–1.57) mils/min
Calibration directly adjustable calibration factors individual setting according to metal type and measuring surface
Data storage with GalvanoTest number of memories for various metals: 18
Measuring uncertainty 5 % of reading on a measuring area of 8 mm2 after calibration
Power supply 110/220 V 50…60 Hz/10 Watt
Dimensions and weight 260 mm x 250 mm x 100 mm/10.24 inch, 9.85 inch, 3.94 inch; approx. 2.5 kg (gauge) / support with integrated pump approx. 3.0 kg

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