LED Stroboscopes


The new LS-9-LED is a high-performance stationary LED-stroboscope with powerful light output and uniform light distribution over a large area for use on web-widths up to 500mm (20 inches) and wider.

High light output
Due to the use of 120 of the industry’s latest high-performance LEDs, the LS-9-LED offers a powerful light intensity. The large, homogenous illumination surface delivers superb results even at difficult light conditions, making the LS-9-LED suitable for a very wide range of measurement, observation, and inspection functions. It is especially suitable for demanding applications, such as those in the printing industry.

LS-9-LED-WB – Wide-Body Housing
We deliver a special configuration of the LS-9-LED Linear Stroboscope packaged in 440 mm width housing (17.3 inches) designed to provide a more aesthetically-pleasing solution when the strobe is fixed-mounted on a machine frame that is 18 inches or wider (460 mm+).

The 120 LEDs are spread in three (3) separate “clusters” each containing 40 LEDs, arranged in a 5×8 array. The position of each “cluster” is optimized to provide the optimal light uniformity over the entire illumination area with the same effective brightness as the standard version of the LS-9-LED (7500 Lux, peak). This model is popular with OEM Machine Manufacturers of Slitter/Rewinders and similar machines used in the label and printing industries.

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  • Extremely bright and uniform light distribution over an area of 300 x 500mm (12" x 20").
  • Uses 120 of the newest generation LEDs in a 15 x 8 array providing 7500 Lux, peak.
  • For web widths > 500 mm (20"), Two (2) or more strobes can be connected in parallel.
  • Requires 24V DC Power (Not Included), An optional power adapter is available.
  • Connection include two (2) trigger inputs and 1 trigger output. Power can be connected in either of these 3 locations.
  • Adjustable brightness and image sharpness permits operator to optimize strobe for each application.


Frequency Range 0...120000 FPM (flashes per minute)
Power Required 24V DC (21.6….26.4VDC) / 0.6A (19.2 Watts)
Illumination Intensity 7500 Lux, max (30 cm area at 12"@3°)
Light intensity/sharpness adjustable with turning knob
Illumination intensity single flash ca. 1 Mega-Lux/30cm / 12"
Illumination area 30x50 cm/12 x 20 inches
Flash color ca. 5000...8.300 K
Dimensions 230x130x112 mm / 9,1x5,1x4,4
Ambient temperature 0°...40°C (32°...114°F)
Storage temperature -25°C...70°C (-10°...125°F)
Warranty 1 Year

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