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MiniTest 70B Coating Thickness Gauge

The MiniTest 70B is a lightweight and handy coating thickness gauge of MiniTest 70 series in a pencil format with a built-in sensor. Its handy design make the operation easy and user friendly, this gauge is the ideal tool to measure any ferromagnetic substrates (e.g. steel) and also for non-ferromagnetic substrates (non-ferrous metals like aluminium, brass etc.), With user friendly features which allows users to select units of mils or microns. The spring-mounted sensors are equipped with wear-resistant sensor poles for measurements on rough and abrasive substrates.
This MiniTest 70B gauge is designed for measurement of insulating coatings and non-magnetic coatings such as paint, enamels, anodic films etc, on non-ferrous metal bases such as aluminium, copper, brass, etc, and for  ferro-magnetic bases such as constructional steel, car bodies, etc.

Models Available

MiniTest 70B-FN – Combination Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Model

Measuring range 0 to 3 mm / 118 mils on steel substrates and 0 to 2.5 mm / 95 mils on non-ferrous metals.
Enables 1-point calibrations.

Complete Kit
The MiniTest 70B Coating Thickness Gauge is delivered as a complete kit with:
– MiniTest 70B – Calibration foils
– Operating instructions
– Gauge tether
– Belt pouch

The MiniTest 70B Series provides accurate, non-destructive coating measurements on steel and non-ferrous metals.

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  • For fast and precise measurements of non-magnetic coatings on steel and insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals.
  • Enables 1-point calibrations.
  • Accurate coating measurement of up to 3mm (F range) and 2.5 mm (N range).
  • lightweight: 80 grams / 2.8 oz only.
  • Easy 2 button operation.
  • Wear-resistant probes with long service life.


Measuring Range Ferrous Substrates: 0 - 3 mm (0-120 mils) / Non-Ferrous Substrates: 0 - 2.5 mm (0-100 mils)
Measuring Principle Magnetic-induction / Eddy currents
Signal Processing Sensor integrated 32-bit signal processing (SIDSP®)
Accuracy ± (2 µm + 3 % of reading) with 1-point calibration
Repeatability ± (2 µm + 1 % of reading) / ± (0.04 mils + 1% of reading)
Minimum curvature radius convex 50 mm
Minimum curvature radius concave 40 mm
Minimum substrate thickness F: 0.7 mm / N: 0.1 mm
Measuring units Metric/Imperial switchable
Calibration modes 1-point calibration
Operating temperature range -10 to 60 °C (14 - 140 °F)
Storage temperature range -20 to 70 °C (-4 - 158 °F)
Dimensions Approx. 157 mm length, ⌀ 27 mm

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