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PoroTest-7 High Voltage Porosity Holiday Detector

Designed for detecting flaws and pores, the PoroTest 7 can be used for non-destructive porosity testing of all insulating coatings on conductive substrates such as steel, aluminium, etc. The test instrument consists of a high voltage probe with an integrated high voltage generator and a test electrode, which is simply connected to the probe. The test voltage control works automatically and is specific to the thickness of the material to be tested and vice versa.

The control unit features a digital display and control pad. The control unit housing is fully portable and made of rugged ABS plastic with an integrated handle. The high voltage probe and control unit are connected via a rugged cable. To detect porosity, the appropriate test voltage specific to the material thickness is set on the control unit which applies, when activated, a spark discharge at the moment a material flaw is detected. In addition to the spark discharge, flaws are indicated by a visible and audible signal and counted. The test voltage is directly indicated on the digital display.

Models Available

0.03 mm – 1.7 mm / 1 mils – 67 mils
0.52 mm – 9.49 mm / 20.5 mils – 373.6 mils
1.4 mm – 11.3 mm / 55 mils – 444 mils

Complete Kit

The PoroTest 7 will be delivered as a kit, including:
Control unit with integrated storage battery
Connecting cable probe-control unit
Metal brush
Grounding cable, 5 m (16 ft) length
Power cable
Shoulder belt
Plastic carrying case

Typical applications

Testing linings and coatings applied on ducts, pipes, hulls, oil and storage tanks, enamel, paint, rubber and bitumen linings, vessels and tanks, GFK and other plastic materials.

The PoroTest 7 is designed for use with boilers, pumps, tanks and other receptacles, but also for offshore installations, drilling rigs, ships or pipelines.

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  • Testing of insulating coatings in a thickness range of 30 µm to 11.3 mm.
  • Powerful and versatile gauge with new ergonomic design making it ideal for on-site testing.
  • User-friendly key-pad layout with menu driven operation.
  • Electronically stabilized high-tension assures secure detection of pinholes and pores.
  • Test voltage 0.5 to 35 kV.
  • Operator menu on display in four languages.
  • Power supply: AC operated or battery operated via integrated storage battery (C-cells).
  • Back-lit display to indicate current test voltage, number of pores and material thickness.
  • Large selection of test electrodes adapted to specific applications.
  • Alarm signal when exceeding pore limit setting (Limit).
  • Low-battery indicator.


Voltage DC
Display LC-Display, 3-digit
Accuracy of voltage setting ± (0.1 kV + 3% of reading)
Dimensions of high voltage probe 274 mm x 63 mm
Dimension of control unit 225 mm x 150 mm x 85 mm
Weight high voltage probe 550 g
Weight control unit 1400 g
Alarm signal 90 dB, 0.1 s/Pore, continuous tone in case of short-circuit
Signal output potential free, Umax.: 100 V, Imax.: 0.4 A
Storage battery 4 C-cells, IEC LR 14, 3.5 Ah, NiMH, replaceable
Storage battery life at maximum voltage PoroTest 7-P7: 20 hours continious operation PoroTest 7-P30 & P35: 10 hours continious operation
Storage battery charging time 4 hrs quick charge
Mains voltage 110 to 230 V, 50/60 Hz, automatic switch
Operating temperature 0°...+50°C/ 32°...122°F
Humidity avoid dew on the surface (refer to DIN 55 670)
Standards DIN 55 670, ASTM D 5162-01, AS 3894.1-2002

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