ElektroPhysik Coating Thickness Gauges

QuintSonic-7 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge

The QuintSonic-7 is a Multi-Layer Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge, specially designed for non-destructive coating thickness measurements of paint, varnish, plastics, and other insulation coatings applied on wood, plastics, glass, ceramics, etc. as well as for polymer layers on metals. Up to now, these materials could only be measured destructively.

As a special feature, The QuintSonic 7 measures of up to five coatings in a single operation.

The QuintSonic 7 means problem-free and, above all, precision measurement of typical coating systems such as:

Lacquers on synthetic material.
Synthetic material on wood.
The glass on metal.

Intelligent evaluation of the ultrasonic signal reading means minimal user interference to deliver results that are reproducible. The QuintSonic 7 features a simple calibration and graphic display of test results on an A screen making it a highly versatile gauge that is quick to use.

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  • Non-destructive coating thickness measurements.
  • Over 40 measuring values per minute: start, wait for 1 second, done.
  • Suited for coatings up to a total thickness of 500 μm.
  • Graphic display showing individual coatings, zoom-enabled A screen and menu-driven user guidance.
  • Storage and documentation of measuring values.
  • Limit setting with optical and acoustic warning when limits are exceeded.
  • Measure metal coating over plastic (75 um/3 mils and thicker).


Measuring principle Ultrasonic pulse run-time method
Measuring range Nr.1 Measuring range 356 µm / Nr.2 Measuring range 890 µm / Nr.3 Measuring range 1.900 µm / Nr.4 Measuring range 3.900 µm / Nr.5 Measuring range 7.500 µm
Resolution / Accuracy Nr.1 Resolution 0,25 µm Accuracy 0,25 µm / Nr.2 Resolution 0,5 µm Accuracy 0,5 µm / Nr.3 Resolution 1 µm Accuracy 1 µm / Nr.4 Resolution 2 µm Accuracy 2 µm / Nr.5 Resolution 4 µm Accuracy 4 µm
Minimum layer thickness approx. 10 µm (depending on the ultrasonic velocity in the layer)
Number of layers up to 5 layers in one operation
Measurement cycle time approx. 1 s
Measuring area 5 mm Ø / 0.2" Ø
Contact area 10 mm Ø / 0.4" Ø
Measurement units µm, mm, mils
Calibration Sound velocity calibration for up to 5 layers
Signal processing Sensor integrated digital 32-bit signal processing
Dimensions Gauge: 153 mm x 89 mm x 32 mm / 6" x 3.5" x 1.3" / Sensor: Ø 25 mm x 60 mm / Ø 1" x 2.4"

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