Durometer Testers

RX-1600-A120 Skateboard Wheel Durometer

The new RX-1600-A120 durometer features a scale specifically designed for testing the hardness of skateboard wheels that measures up to 120 on the “A” scale. Normal type A durometers only read to 100 however as wheel manufacturers began to satisfy the demand from riders who wanted harder wheels, wheels with hardness ratings over 100 A became available.

Our RX-1600-A120 features a dial that reads from 20 to 120 on the “A” scale to allow wheel manufacturers and riders to accurately measure their wheels in the over 100 range.

Complete Kit

The RX-1600-A120 is supplied as a complete kit including the durometer & instruction manual in a foam-fitted metal carrying case.

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  • Specially designed for the skate community.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Includes carrying case.
  • 120 is better than 100.


Measuring Range 20 - 120 A Scale
Accuracy ±1 durometer unit
Dimensions 2.25" x 6.125"H
Weight 6 oz

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