Underwater Wall Thickness Gauges

TI-UMX2 Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Measuring Range in Steel
0.025 – 19.99 inches
0.63 – 508.0 mm

The new  TI-UMX2 Underwater Wall Thickness Gauge accurately measures the wall thickness of all metals, extent of the corrosion, and the thickness of coatings on them — at depths of up to 1000 feet (300 Meters).

The TI-UMX-2 can store up to 5000 readings including A-Scan Waveforms and settings for each individual measurement. There are 2 file structure options; sequential with auto identifier and alphanumeric grid (row/column) format. The UMX-2 can transfer data and configuration settings to a PC using our DataComm software. (Software and transfer cable included).

Velocity Settings
The TI-UMX2 has 8 preset velocities and 1 custom velocity allowing the user to customize it for specific applications, or to tune the calibration to be optimized for a specific type of material.

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  • Housing is rated for dive depths up to 1000 ft (300 meters) with backlit display.
  • Resolution of 0.001" (0.01 mm) with user-selected units of inch or mm.
  • Includes built-in datalogger for 5000 readings, settings and waveforms in sequential or "grid" (row/column) format.
  • Automatic probe recognition and auto zero.
  • Supplied with FREE NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate.
  • Supplied with data transfer cable and FREE data analysis software.
  • Measure modes include: Pulse-Echo, Pulse-Echo w/ Coating, Echo-Echo and Triple Echo.
  • CE-certified with 3-Year Warranty (90 days on probe).
  • Measures BOTH Wall and Coating Thickness.
  • Both Dual Element and Single Membrane Probes are offered.
  • Standard Probe supplied is 1/2"-5MHz HD-Coating, Underwater p/n T-074-2906.
  • All settings for gauge and datalogging can be done via software if desired.

Resolution .001" (0.01 mm)
Display 4½ - Digit, 0.5" Backlit LCD
Backlighting Both Displays can be user set for ON/OFF/AUTO
Cable 4 ft. (1.2 m) waterproof cable with non-polarized, quick-disconnect connectors. Optional lengths up to 50 ft. (15 m).
Connectors Lemo, Underwater Type
Battery Type Three (3) 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (or 1.2V NiCad)
Datalogger GRID or SEQUENTIAL data storage
Data Output Bi-directional RS232 serial port, with USB converter. Windows® PC interface software
Pulser Dual square wave pulsers
Receiver Dual receivers - manual or AGC gain control with 110dB range (limited)
Manual Gain Limited to 5 gain settings (vlow, low, med, high, vhigh (42 to 50 dB)
Temp. Limits Ambient: -20 to 140° F (-30 to 60° C)
Warranty Gauge: 3 Years / Probe: 90 Days

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