Datalogging Wall Thickness Gauges

ZX-Series Data Logging Wall Thickness Gauge with USB Output

Total Measuring Range (depends on material and transducer/probe type)
0.025 – 36.000 inches
0.63 – 914.4 mm

Measuring Range on Steel (with standard T-102-2000 probe)
0.040 – 8.00 inches
1.00 – 199.9 mm

The  ZX-Series DL Wall Thickness Gauge accurately measures wall thickness and the extent of corrosion of all metals, ceramics, glass, and most rigid plastics – from only one side! It can measure thickness up to 36 inches (915 mm), depending upon the material and transducer.

Models Available

Data Logging Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge Kit with T-102-2000 Probe Z-304-0001
Data Logging Thru-Paint Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Kit with T-102-2700 Probe – Z-306-0001

Incorporates built-in data logging for 10,000 values with 250 readings per batch, up to 40 separate batches with USB Output. Data can be transferred into any program in “.csv” format or viewed in Datacomm Software (free download)

ZX- Series DL can be used in a Single Thickness Reading mode or in a Scan mode, where the probe is dragged over a large measuring area. The minimum thickness reading recorded during the “scan” will be displayed.

ZX-DL probe is waterproof and can be submerged in water. The gauge is impact-resistant and environmentally sealed (IP65) to provide trouble-free operation under the toughest field conditions.

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  • Built-in datalogging for 10,000 data values stored in up to 40 batches with 250 values/batch with USB Output.
  • Includes both Pulse-Echo Mode (Pit & Flaw Detection) and Echo-Echo Mode (Through Paint & Coatings Mode).
  • Using the standard probe T-102-2700, the gauge will read thru 0.040" coating thickness (1 mm).
  • Using one of the optional probes T-104-2700, the gauge will read thru 0.075" coating thickness (1.9 mm).
  • User can select from 8 preset materials as well as program 2 custom material velocities.
  • Calibrate to a sample of known thickness which automatically calculates the optimal acoustic velocity.
  • Scan mode, 100 readings/sec. Probe is slid over a large measuring area, the minimum thickness during the "scan" will be displayed.
  • High visibility LCD Display is readable in all lighting conditions and temps as low as 22 °F (-30 °C).
  • LCD shows Thickness Value, Velocity Setting, Gain Setting, Stability & Battery Indicators, Scan Mode, Zero, units and stored data values.
  • Switch-selected units for inches or mm with Resolution of 0.001 inch (0.01 mm).
  • Selectable Backlight ON/OFF/AUTO.


Resolution 0.001 inch (0.01 mm)
Velocity Range 0.0120 to .7300 in/μs. 305 to 18,542 meters/sec
Display Backlight Backlight is selectable on/off/auto, and selectable brightness (Lo, Med, Hi) options
Display Update Rate 10 Hz (10 updates/sec)
Probe Wearface PEEK (Polyethylethylkytone)
Cable 1.2m (4ft.) waterproof cable with non-polarized, quick-disconnect connectors
Battery Type 2x AA batteries (rechargeable batteries can be used)
Housing Extruded aluminum body with nickel-plated aluminum end caps (gasket sealed)
Certifications NIST Traceable and MIL-STD-45662A
Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) 200 Hz (200 pulses/sec)
GAIN Adjustment Adjustable GAIN 5-position (VLOW, LOW, MED, HIGH, VHI), in 3dB steps, 40-52dB
Warranty Gauge: 5 Years / Probes: 90 Days

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