GalvanoTest Coulometric coating thickness measurement gauge

The anodic dissolution method, also known as the coulometric method, functions similarly to the electroplating process: an electrolyte separates individual metal coatings from the substrate with the help of an electric current. By measuring the current and time, the GalvanoTest determines the thickness of the separated coating.
Ideally suited to measuring coating thickness in virtually any single or multi-layered coatings. The GalvanoTest uses the coulometric method to measure galvanised coatings such as chrome, nickel, cadmium, copper, brass, silver, gold, tin or zinc both on metals and non-metals.

Models Available

GalvanoTest 2000
the electrolyte is circulated by a pulsator nozzle.

GalvanoTest 3000
large electrolyte volumes circulated by a circulation pump enable quick serial measurements. Suitable for use on very small parts and for the measurement of gold layers.

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PoroTest-7 High Voltage Porosity Holiday Detector

Designed for detecting flaws and pores, the PoroTest 7 can be used for non-destructive porosity testing of all insulating coatings on conductive substrates such as steel, aluminium, etc. The test instrument consists of a high voltage probe with an integrated high voltage generator and a test electrode, which is simply connected to the probe. The test voltage control works automatically and is specific to the thickness of the material to be tested and vice versa.

The control unit features a digital display and control pad. The control unit housing is fully portable and made of rugged ABS plastic with an integrated handle. The high voltage probe and control unit are connected via a rugged cable. To detect porosity, the appropriate test voltage specific to the material thickness is set on the control unit which applies, when activated, a spark discharge at the moment a material flaw is detected. In addition to the spark discharge, flaws are indicated by a visible and audible signal and counted. The test voltage is directly indicated on the digital display.

Models Available

0.03 mm – 1.7 mm / 1 mils – 67 mils
0.52 mm – 9.49 mm / 20.5 mils – 373.6 mils
1.4 mm – 11.3 mm / 55 mils – 444 mils

Complete Kit

The PoroTest 7 will be delivered as a kit, including:
Control unit with integrated storage battery
Connecting cable probe-control unit
Metal brush
Grounding cable, 5 m (16 ft) length
Power cable
Shoulder belt
Plastic carrying case

Typical applications

Testing linings and coatings applied on ducts, pipes, hulls, oil and storage tanks, enamel, paint, rubber and bitumen linings, vessels and tanks, GFK and other plastic materials.

The PoroTest 7 is designed for use with boilers, pumps, tanks and other receptacles, but also for offshore installations, drilling rigs, ships or pipelines.

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SmarTest Bluetooth Coating Thickness Sensor

SmarTest is an intelligent wireless coating thickness gauge offering the highest technological standards for non-destructive coating thickness measurement and it relays sensor data via Bluetooth to your tablet, smartphone, or it can be combined with any digital sensor of the MiniTest 745 gauge series.
SmarTest is composed of a Bluetooth adapter that  The new concept of the wireless SmarTest sensor performs all tasks of a professional coating thickness gauge and is available at any time on smartphones and tablets.

The radio sensor SmarTest comes with 16 mm in diameter and 125 mm in length means somewhat it is like a thick ballpoint pen and weighs just 48 g / 1.7 oz. This means that you can carry the SmarTest with you anywhere.

You can connect any SIDSP sensor to SmarTest and cover a wide range of coating thickness measurement tasks.

Comfortable Apps can now turn smartphones and tablets into the effective evaluation and measuring devices. The new SmarTest concept consisting of an app and a wireless sensor offers the perfect solution for measuring coating thickness with the help of smartphones and tablets.
The SmarTest App functions as a device for evaluating and thus replaces a conventional coating thickness gauge.

The App functions include a clear display of current measuring value, statistical evaluation, storage of measuring values in files, 2-point calibration, measuring unit metric/imperial switchover, and export of the series of measurements in the CSV format. All the functionalities of a smartphone are available for data transfer.
For instance, you have the ease of sending your measuring data to any receiver by email. The intelligent SmarTest sensor is made to fit any jacket pocket. In combination with smartphones or tablets, this forms an ultra-modern full-set for experts on-site to measure coating thickness.

Long battery life: the sensor equipped with the LiFePo battery can function for up to 8 hours in continuous operation. Readings exceeding the set limits are indicated on the sensors’ green/red LED. SmarTest functions on old smartphone models as well as on the latest ones. The dual Bluetooth module ensures a long operating time in modern devices thanks to the Bluetooth low energy mode.

SmarTest is a most flexible solution: It can also be supplied in other combinations with any of the SIDSP®-sensors of the MiniTest 700 series to cover a wide field of different applications.

Complete Kit

Calibration set with calibration foils and reference zero test plate(s).
USB charger with micro-USB cable.
Operating manual.
Manufacturer‘s certificate.
Storage case.


It is very simple to operate the SmarTest:

Start the SmarTest app on the mobile device.
Switch on the wireless sensor and the Bluetooth connection is established automatically.
Take measurements.

The SmarTest app helps you through all steps with context-sensitive help texts in 4 languages currently.


Non-destructive coating thickness measurement of:

Non-magnetic coatings like varnishes, enamels, chromium, and zinc on ferromagnetic base materials (e.g. steel).

Insulating coatings like varnishes and anodizing aluminium on nonferrous metals (e.g. aluminium, austenitic stainless steel, brass).

Measuring Modes

There are two measuring modes available:

Single value mode
The measurement values are taken individually and displayed. This enables you to take coating thickness values of the object to be measured at multiple points and then to evaluate them statistically.

Continuous mode
After placing the sensor the measuring values are taken continuously and displayed. This mode is suited for calculation of layer thickness distribution on a restricted surface and to locate the thin and thick sections. The measuring values calculated on continuous mode can be saved in the statistics by briefly pressing the power button.

Control / Data Transfer

Sensor control and data transfer of the measuring values is done via Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth Smart (low energy). The sensor and mobile device can be placed about 10 m away from each other, even farther under good transmission conditions.

App Functions

The SmarTest app shows the current measuring values, the statistical evaluation, and helps store control and calibration of the sensor.
There is an option of the metric (μm, mm) and imperial (miles) formats for display and processing of measuring values.
Storage and transfer/download of measuring values is done in the CSV format.


Three calibration modes are available:

Manufacturers calibration

1-point calibration on the uncoated object to be measured (zero point calibration)

2-point calibration (zero point calibration + 1 layer/sheet)

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SurfaTest Wet film coating thickness gauge

SurfaTest is a wet film coating thickness gauge made of stainless steel with an embossed scale. SurfaTest is ideally suited for the quick and easy measurement of the coating thickness of freshly applied, wet lacquer coatings.

The measuring comb SurfaTest is directly set on a wet lacquer coating upon application of lacquer and both the outer teeth of the measuring comb are thrust into the base.

The thickness of the lacquer coating can be read at 16 measuring points; the wet film thickness is that between the last tooth wet with lacquer and the first dry tooth without lacquer. After use, the measuring comb has to be cleaned with the right solvent.

Thickness gauge made of stainless steel as after use, you can quickly clean the measuring comb with an appropriate solvent.

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QuintSonic-7 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge

The QuintSonic-7 is a Multi-Layer Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge, specially designed for non-destructive coating thickness measurements of paint, varnish, plastics, and other insulation coatings applied on wood, plastics, glass, ceramics, etc. as well as for polymer layers on metals. Up to now, these materials could only be measured destructively.

As a special feature, The QuintSonic 7 measures of up to five coatings in a single operation.

The QuintSonic 7 means problem-free and, above all, precision measurement of typical coating systems such as:

Lacquers on synthetic material.
Synthetic material on wood.
The glass on metal.

Intelligent evaluation of the ultrasonic signal reading means minimal user interference to deliver results that are reproducible. The QuintSonic 7 features a simple calibration and graphic display of test results on an A screen making it a highly versatile gauge that is quick to use.

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MiniTest 7400 Coating Thickness Gauge

MiniTest 7400 is a High-precision Coating Thickness Gauge and an indispensable tool for measuring non-magnetic coatings (paint, synthetic material, chrome, etc.) on ferromagnetic substrates (steel), or insulating coatings (lacquer, enamel, synthetic material, etc.) on conductive substrates (aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc.).

The MiniTest 7400 can take a diverse range of measurements and always gives you readings of the highest precision and enables a wide range of measurements, from the thinnest coatings in the sub-micrometer range (e.g. galvanized coatings) to thick coatings (e.g. flame retardant coatings in steel constructions, rubber coatings, etc.). Measuring objects with difficult geometries (e.g. the measurement of steel pins, or in recesses and holes, etc.) is also no problem for the MiniTest 7400.

A five-point-calibration of the sensors ensures very precise measurements.

SIDSP sensors feature high levels of accuracy and are also extremely durable, easily withstanding years of use even on rough surfaces. Each sensor is equipped with 50 calibration points to correct even the smallest deviation.

The intuitive menu control of the MiniTest 7400 allows for high ease of use. For difficult measuring tasks, the integrated configuration assistant simplifies the calibration and parameter settings. The MiniTest 7400 is supplied with the MSoft 7 Professional PC software package, which can help evaluate and export data in various formats (text documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF) to your PC.

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3000FX Series Coating Thickness Gauge

The Checkline 3000FX Series coating thickness gauge is a multifunctional fully menu-driven gauge for fast, professional and precise coating thickness measurement for varnish, paint and electroplated coatings on iron/steel and varnish, paint and anodizing coatings on non-ferrous metals and on austenitic stainless steels

3 Models
 – Ferrous Only Model
DCN-3000FX – Non-Ferrous Only Model
DCFN-3000FX – Combination Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Model

Measuring Range – 0-1500 µm (0-60.00 mils)

Use of 3000FX Series
Wherever coatings are applied – whether on visual and aesthetic grounds, to prevent corrosion protection, or for functional and mechanical reasons – the coating thickness represents an essential quality feature. The 3000FX Series is ideal for speedy, non-destructive, and exceptionally precise coating thickness measurement.

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3000EZ-E Series

3000EZ-E Series Coating Thickness Gauge with External Probe is designed for measurement on ferrous metals, non-magnetic coatings such as varnish, paint, enamel, chrome, copper, zinc, etc. can be measured on steel and iron (magnetic induction method).

Coating thickness gauges designed for measurement on non-ferrous metals can measure all electrically insulated coatings such as varnish, paint, anodizing coatings on non-ferrous metals & stainless steel (eddy-current method).

2 Models Available
DCF-3000EZ-E – Ferrous Only Model
DCFN-3000EZ-E – Combination Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Model

Range Ferrous: 0-3500 µm (0-140 mils)
Range Non-Ferrous: 0-3000 µm (0-120 mils)

The 3000EZ-E Series Coating Thickness Gauge provides fast, non-destructive, accurate coating measurements on steel and non-ferrous metals. Designed to accommodate a wide range of laboratory and field applications and manufactured to international quality standards, the 3000EZ-E Series will provide years of trouble-free use.

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3000EZ Series

3000EZ Coating Thickness Gauge Series is designed for measurement on ferrous metalsnon-magnetic coatings such as varnish, paint, enamel, chrome, copper, zinc, etc. can be measured on steel and iron (magnetic induction method).

Coating thickness gauges designed for measurement on non-ferrous metals can measure all electrically insulated coatings such as varnish, paint, anodizing coatings on non-ferrous metals & stainless steel (eddy-current method).

2 Models Available
DCF-3000EZ – Ferrous Only Model
DCFN-3000EZ – Combination Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Model

The 3000EZ Series Coating Thickness Gauge provides fast, non-destructive, accurate coating measurements on steel and non-ferrous metals. Designed to accommodate a wide range of laboratory and field applications and manufactured to international quality standards, the 3000EZ Series will provide years of trouble-free use.

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3000-IRP Portable Infra-red Thermal Data Printer

The portable thermal-printer 3000-IRP is equipped with an integrated infrared interface for wireless data transfer. It can print your stored values in the 3000-series coating thickness gauges fast and reliable locally or later in the office.

Data transfer to the portable printer

In demand of the thickness coating gauge (read manual) the data stored in the 3000-series coating thickness gauges are printed immediately.

Please read the operating manual of the printer Printfix and define the required settings. The baud rate setting is important for the measurement data transfer/transfer of readings. Please pay attention to the following actions:

Charge the batteries before the first time use.
Switch on the printer.
The printer is now ready to receive data, and you can start the transfer of readings.

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