QC 1500 Vernier Durometer

1500 Vernier Durometer With its lightweight and small size, the user can carry the QC at all times. Should it be dropped, even if not in its leather carrying case, it will not be damaged or become inoperative 99 times out of 100. The key to the gauge’s durability is its sliding vernier scale- there are no cams, gears, or levers to wear out. This vernier scale holds the maximum reading and is especially useful for testing in hard to reach areas. The vernier scale is marked in increments of 5 points, and with a little practice, one can obtain readings to within 1 point.

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OTK-DG Digital O-Ring Durometer Kit

The Digital Complete O-Ring Hardness Kit is the most convenient and accurate way to perform repeatable hardness (durometer) testing on thin materials – as thin as .030″.

The OTK-DG is comprised of the following items

Model RX-DD-M
Type M Digital Durometer with Certification
O-Ring Fixture Kit (1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4)
Model OS-3
Air Dampened Operating Stand
Test Block Kit with Certification

OTG-DG-T – Adjustable Measurement Timer with Onscreen Countdown
The OTG-DG-T features an adjustable measurement timer with an onscreen countdown designed for performing timed hardness testing. The timer can be set to a desired elapsed time from 0-30 seconds. When enabled, the timer function will be automatically activated when the presser foot meets the test specimen. Up to 200 readings can be stored and viewed inside the durometer or downloaded through the USB port.

*Although the ASTM specifies that Type M Durometers can be used to measure O-Ring diameters as thin as 0.050″ (1.25 mm), this system works well to 0.030″ (0.75 mm)

EMS4 Remote Readout Data Collection App

EMS4 Remote Readout Data Collection App

Model RX-DD Digital Durometer has the capability of communicating over USB with this data collection system.

Note: Durometer and Operating Stand Not Included

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RX-DD-MS Digital Multi-Scale Durometer

For the technician that must perform hardness tests on various types of non-metallic materials, we offer the Multi-Scale durometer test kit.

The Multi-Scale base kit consists of a digital display with a type A, D, and OO durometer barrel. A complete kit is supplied with a digital display and types A, D, B, C, DO, O, OO, OOO durometer barrels.

Changing scales is accomplished by unscrewing one barrel and replacing it with another – no supplementary calibration or adjustments are necessary.

A test block calibrated to the selected scale is also included. The block allows the user to perform quick functional checks on the instrument.

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RX-2100 Tire Durometer Hardness Meter

The RX-2100 Tire Durometer allows racers to quickly and accurately make checks of tire hardness.

Tire hardness can be a critical factor in setting up a race car. A tire that’s too hard may sacrifice traction, while a tire that’s too soft may give great traction but wear too quickly, and an unmatched set of tires may result in an ill-handling car. To properly set up a car, a measure of tire hardness is necessary, and the easiest and most cost-effective way to obtain such a measure is to use a durometer.

The Type A durometer as specified by ASTM D-2240 is the gauge used by tire manufacturers to measure the hardness of tire rubber. The gauge gives readings of hardness in durometer points on a scale of 0-100, with 100 being the hardest reading. Some race tires come from the factory with the durometer hardness noted on the sidewall, but factors such as ambient temperature, track temperature, usage, and age of the tire can change the actual hardness of the tire from the factory hardness.

Complete Kit
The RX-2100 is supplied as a complete kit including the durometer & instruction manual in a foam-fitted metal carrying case.

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RX-1600-A120 Skateboard Wheel Durometer

The new RX-1600-A120 durometer features a scale specifically designed for testing the hardness of skateboard wheels that measures up to 120 on the “A” scale. Normal type A durometers only read to 100 however as wheel manufacturers began to satisfy the demand from riders who wanted harder wheels, wheels with hardness ratings over 100 A became available.

Our RX-1600-A120 features a dial that reads from 20 to 120 on the “A” scale to allow wheel manufacturers and riders to accurately measure their wheels in the over 100 range.

Complete Kit

The RX-1600-A120 is supplied as a complete kit including the durometer & instruction manual in a foam-fitted metal carrying case.

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RX-1000 Mini-Dial Durometer

The RX-1000 Mini-Dial Durometer is both compact and easy to use. Its small dial face and included leather clip-on carrying case make it easy for an inspector to carry the gauge- for work around the shop, or out in the field.
The RX-1000 durometer holds the maximum reading until reset by pressing the button at the top of the gauge. The max-hold feature and small dial size make the RX-1000 a good choice for hard to reach places, or for out of sight testing.

Models Available

Type A Mini Dial Durometer for Soft rubber, plastics and elastomers (H-1000-A)
Type B Mini Dial Durometer for Harder elastomers and plastics. Use above 93 A scale (H-1000-B)
Type C Mini Durometer for Medium hard elastomers and plastics (H-1000-C)
Type D Mini Dial Durometer for Hard rubber and plastics (H-1000-D)
Type DO Mini Dial Durometer for Dense granular material and textile windings. (H-1000-DO)
Type O Mini Dial Durometer for soft elastomers below 20 A scale (H-1000-O)
Type Asker C Mini Dial Durometer for Sneaker Foam (H-1000-ASK-C)

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RX-4000 Digital Durometer

The RX-4000 Digital Durometer is the perfect instrument for use on the production floor or in the lab for measuring the hardness (Durometer) of rubber and plastic parts. It features an over-sized 18mm footer, large LCD display with USB output. Available models include RX-4000-A for Rubber Parts and RX-4000-D for plastic parts.

Models Available

Digital Durometer Type A (Shore A) with 18mm diameter Footer. Hold
Digital Durometer Type D (Shore D) with 18mm diameter Footer. Hold

The Model 4000 Digital Durometer is supplied in a foam-fitted carry case along with a NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate.

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RX-3000 Max Hand Durometer

The RX-3000 Max Hand durometer has a max hand and an active hand for observing the creep characteristics of a specimen. What makes the RX-3000 unique is the magnetic-drag maximum reset mechanism. The user simply rotates the reset knob on the front of the gauge to clear the previous reading. The simplicity of the reset mechanism ensures a lifetime of use.

Models Available

RX-3000-A Max Hand Durometer Type A
RX-3000-D Max Hand Durometer Type D

Complete Kit
The RX-3000 is supplied as a complete kit including the durometer & instruction manual in a foam-fitted metal carrying case.

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RX-DD-ASK-C-SS digital durometer is specifically designed to measure the hardness of sneaker midsoles, EVA foam, foam rubber, and foam plastic materials. It displays hardness in the range of 0.0-100.0 Asker C units on its large LCD display. It can measure hardness in real-time or peak mode. While in peak mode it will hold the highest measurement until reset.

Complete Kit
The RX-DD-ASC-SS is supplied as a complete kit including the durometer, calibration certificate, reference block, and instruction manual in a foam-fitted metal carrying case.

Oversized case DCLW-CC that fits the durometer, load weight, and test block is optionally available. The RX-DD-ASK-C-SS durometer can be mounted in a test stand to greatly improve its accuracy and repeatability.

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