QC 1500 Vernier Durometer

1500 Vernier Durometer With its lightweight and small size, the user can carry the QC at all times. Should it be dropped, even if not in its leather carrying case, it will not be damaged or become inoperative 99 times out of 100. The key to the gauge’s durability is its sliding vernier scale- there are no cams, gears, or levers to wear out. This vernier scale holds the maximum reading and is especially useful for testing in hard to reach areas. The vernier scale is marked in increments of 5 points, and with a little practice, one can obtain readings to within 1 point.

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OTK-DG Digital O-Ring Durometer Kit

The Digital Complete O-Ring Hardness Kit is the most convenient and accurate way to perform repeatable hardness (durometer) testing on thin materials – as thin as .030″.

The OTK-DG is comprised of the following items

Model RX-DD-M
Type M Digital Durometer with Certification
O-Ring Fixture Kit (1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4)
Model OS-3
Air Dampened Operating Stand
Test Block Kit with Certification

OTG-DG-T – Adjustable Measurement Timer with Onscreen Countdown
The OTG-DG-T features an adjustable measurement timer with an onscreen countdown designed for performing timed hardness testing. The timer can be set to a desired elapsed time from 0-30 seconds. When enabled, the timer function will be automatically activated when the presser foot meets the test specimen. Up to 200 readings can be stored and viewed inside the durometer or downloaded through the USB port.

*Although the ASTM specifies that Type M Durometers can be used to measure O-Ring diameters as thin as 0.050″ (1.25 mm), this system works well to 0.030″ (0.75 mm)

EMS4 Remote Readout Data Collection App

EMS4 Remote Readout Data Collection App

Model RX-DD Digital Durometer has the capability of communicating over USB with this data collection system.

Note: Durometer and Operating Stand Not Included

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Test Block for curved bottom HP Durometers

The HP-PT allows users to test the function of their HP textile durometer and ensure it is operating properly.


Durometer not included,
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DIN-FA 18mm Durometer Foot Attachment DIN allows our Pencil Style (RX-1000, RX-1600, RX-1700, RX-2000, RX-DD) durometer to meet DIN standards for durometer testing. The DIN foot attachment increases the diameter of the standard gauge foot to 18mm, thus meeting the DIN standard and reducing the possibility of operator error.

The DIN foot is an accessory which can be ordered installed on a new gauge, or ordered separately. It includes and wrench and instructions.

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RX-CLW Durometer Load Weight for Types A, B, O, OO & OOO 


For A, B & O
For OO & OOO

A common error when using a durometer is to imbed the foot of the gauge into the specimen by pressing down with excessive force. All instruments are made in accordance with ASTM D-2240. This standard states that for types A, B, and O the gauge should be pressed onto the specimen with a load of 1 kg.

The Constant Load Weight for gauges with an 822g spring load (types A, B, O) slides onto the lower barrel of the gauge, gives it a wider foot, and raises the mass of the gauge to the suggested 1kg. With the load weight on the gauge, all the user has to do is set the gauge on the test specimen – no further pressure is necessary. Thus the Constant load weight eliminates the human error that would otherwise occur due to users pressing on the excessive or inconsistent force.

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RX Lab Durometer Software

The SWC-1 software will prove to be invaluable in helping to produce and analyze durometer hardness test data. The RX Lab Software, used in conjunction with the RX DD Digital Durometer and a PC, allows users to automatically collect, record, and print test data, create statistical information (tolerance, range, mean, variance, the standard of deviation), and perform timed tests with a visual graph. The software interfaces with the DD-3 Digital Durometer through the provided RS-232 cable.

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O-Ring Fixturing Set

O-Rings have always been tough to check using an ordinary A-scale durometer, but now we offer the O-Ring Fixturing set which enables the user to check o-rings with the combination of an A-scale Rex Durometer and an operating stand.

The set consists of fixtures and one set plug (for setting operating stand travel). The standard O.R.F.-1 set can be used to test O-Rings with cross-sections of 1/16″, 3/32″, 1/8″, 3/16″ and 1/4″. Custom and metric o-ring fixtures can be special ordered.

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Certified Durometer Test Disks

The DCD Certified Durometer Test Disks are designed for checking durometer indentor extension. They are sold as a kit with 4 checkpoints (20, 40, 60 & 80) or a single ring (20). The kit includes a base disk to provide a solid surface base.

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Durometer Test Block Kits

To obtain accurate readings using a durometer, one must develop the proper “feel” for the gauge.  Durometer Test Block Kits gives the user the ability to develop the proper “feel”, and, while they are not to be used for calibration purposes, they enable the user to perform a quick check for proper durometer operation. A large variation would indicate the need for recalibration of the durometer being utilized. This should be done in accordance with the methods indicated in ASTM D-2240.

Available Kits
For Type A Durometers
For Type A & M Durometers
For Type C Durometers (Shore C)
For Asker C Durometers
For Type D Durometers
For Type O Durometers
For Type OO Durometers
For Type OOO Durometers

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