HPSA-R Printing Roller Durometer

HPSA-R Printing Roller Durometer is used for rubber rollers, for cots, pressure rollers, and many other rubber-coated rollers, etc. The correct Shore A hardness of the cots is a critical factor to get the desired yarn structure and quality. As cots are abrasive, the hardness should be checked from time to time as they age.

Models Available

roller diameters up to 1.57″ / 40mm
roller diameters up to 2.75″ / 70mm
roller diameters up to 4.33″ / 110mm

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The HP textile durometer accurately measures the hardness/winding density of textile bobbins, beams, spools, spindles, cones, quills, dye packages, rolls, etc.

The HP measure on a 0-100 scale used for comparison purposes. It doesn’t measure on a specific scale/unit. These Durometers use Shore A spring force with 2.5, 5, and 10mm diameter spherical indentor specifically designed for yarns, fibers, monofilaments, and similar textiles. As the spherical indentors are unique for textile applications, these Durometers do not conform to ASTM D2240.

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