The DS-2000LED-UV is a battery-powered hand-held Blacklight LED stroboscope designed for inspecting UV ink on labels, security tags, watermarks, and more. Seven state-of-the-art, super-bright UV LEDs mounted in a precision-machined aluminum head with optimized optics, provide the superior light output.

Powered by 3 AA batteries, the DS-2000LED-UV can operate even at the highest flash rates for up to six hours. An easy-to-use interface allows the operator to quickly adjust the flash speed to sync to the moving process.

A high-impact plastic housing with rubber sleeve provides additional protection as well as improved grip for the operator. Lifetime LEDs do not wear-out or need replacement making this product ideal for use in harsh printing environments.

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ST-320BL Black Light LED Stroboscope

The new ST-320BL Black Light LED Stroboscope provides light in the Ultraviolet spectrum required to illuminate UV Inks used in security tags, watermarks, labels, and more. It can be used as a hand-held portable strobe or fixed-mounted for continuous use. It features long-life LEDs that provide even light distribution and don’t require replacement like conventional xenon type strobes.

Models Available
Blacklight UV Portable Stroboscope – 115V AC-powered
Black Light UV Stroboscope (230V AC-Powered) supplied in Aluminum Carrying Case
Blacklight UV Portable Stroboscope – Internal battery-powered

Operation is simple using an 8-button keypad and quick rate adjustment dial, combined with a large, backlit LCD display. Phase shift, flash duration, and flash rate are all quickly adjustable. It also features “x2” and “1/2” keys to quickly “double” or “half” the flash rate to identify the correct flash frequency. The unit can be externally-triggered from a remote sensor. The Wide Flash Range 60 – 120,000 Flashes/min. (1-2000 Hz) can be adjusted to meet almost any high-speed application.

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