MiniVLS 313 USB Laser Speed Sensor / Tachometer

MiniVLS 313 USB Laser Speed Sensor / Tachometer

The MiniVLS 313 is a laser speed sensor with USB output for sending data directly to a PC or Android device.

In the Box
Instruction Manual
MiniVLS 313 Speed Sensor USB Laser Tachometer
Reflective Tape
USB 3.1 Type C Male to USB 2.0 Type A Female Socket Adapter with OTG
OTG USB On The Go Host Adapter Cable USB A Female to Micro B Black
USB 2.0 to mini-B 5 pin Cable

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MiniVLS 211/ia

The MiniVLS 211/ia Intrinsically Safe Optical Speed Sensor has is Ex-II 1G Ex ia op is IIC T4 Ga (-20°C < Ta < +40°C) certified.

The certification level allows for use in a wide range of hazardous environments in petrochemical, Gas and volatile materials processing industries, ideally suited for Condition Monitoring, Data collectors in balancing applications, these sensors give excellent performance with repeatable results, engineered for easy mounting with the optional Mounting Bracket and Mini Tripod Stand in handheld applications.

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MCS-625 Photo Reflective Sensor

Photo Reflective Sensor

Consists of a LED infra-red light source sensing device and amplifier contained in a heavy-duty housing. For initial alignment purposes, a small indicator lamp is mounted at the top of the sensor housing.

The MCS-625 has an open collector output and requires a pull-up resistor.

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MCS-655 Photo-Reflective Speed Sensor

Photo-Reflective Speed Sensor

The MCS-655M is a photo-reflective NPN open collector photosensor with Light/Dark activated output that operates up to 1000 Hz.

For simplified installation purposes the integral LED aids in the MCS-655M model comes in a robust metal housing with a connection cable, LED status indicator, sensitivity control, and mounting nuts.

Models Available
Retro-Reflective Speed Sensor with Metal Housing
Retro-Reflective Speed Sensor with Plastic Housing

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LS-S50MLR Photo Reflective Sensor

LS-S50MLR is a laser sensor that can be taught to recognize the difference in colors. It is a class 1 red laser with a switching frequency of 1.5KHZ. Contained in a metal housing with 6ft of cable, which can be utilized for different operations including stroboscopes, counters, and panel tachometers.

It includes a trimmer potentiometer that is located on the side for minimum and optimum sensitivity adjustments. It can be used in normally closed or normally open operation, NPN type of output, with a yellow LED for signal indication and a green LED for power.

It also includes a mounting bracket.

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