Ultra Sonic Tester (PR-8²) for Engine Builders and Chassis Shops

Standard Range
0.040 to 6.00 in / 1.00 to 150.00 mm
Range in Cast Steel & AL
0.040 to 1.50 in / 1.00 to 38.00 mm

The PR-82 is the first affordable Sonic Tester, utilizing state-of-the-art digital technology to produce fast and accurate readings. It requires no special training to operate.

Unlike calipers, the PR-82 will measure where there is access to only one side. This makes it valuable when measuring roll cage thickness, cylinder walls (before and after boring), and heads during porting.

The PR-82 measures in Two Modes
The first mode takes a measurement at the point you place the probe.
The second is the Scan mode, which is helpful when measuring cylinder walls and roll cages.
Place the probe at the bottom of the cylinder and drag it to the top, the gauge will display the thinnest reading measured.

The PR-82 is a lightweight, rugged tool that is resistant to water and oil. Other features include a backlit LCD and a bar graph to indicate signal stability. The 5-year warranty indicates how we feel about the quality of the PR-82. The PR-82 can go where you go, to do the work you do, saving you time and money, making fast, accurate measurements.

PR-8V Ultra Sonic Tester for Engine Builders and Race Shops

Range in Steel
0.63 to 254 millimeters / 0.025 – 9.999 inches
Cylinder’s & Pitting
Head Ports & Pipe
Roll Cages
Body Panels
Variety of Applications

The PR-8V thickness gauge is designed specifically for the needs of engine builders and race shops. The time-based B-Scan feature of the PR-8V displays a cross-section of the opposite surface, allowing the engine builders the ability to see the contour of the back surface in cylinders while scanning.

Use the Multi-Mode (Echo-Echo mode) feature to measure chassis tubing with or without paint and coatings. Built-in automatic gain control.

Complete Kit
The PR-8V is supplied as a complete kit with the gauge, probe, 4 oz. bottle of coupling fluid, 2 AA batteries, data transfer cable, Windows Software, NIST Calibration Certificate, and Operating Instruction Manual – all in a foam-fitted carrying case.

The internal Data Logger of the PR-8V has been customized for both the engine builder and the chassis inspector. Selectable cylinder mapping or general alphanumeric file storage will satisfy your reporting needs. Built-in transducer types offer increased linearity between transducers.

The Fast Scan feature provides a better representation during the scanning process, by making 32 measurements per second. Remove the transducer from the test material to display the thinnest measurement found.

The PR-8V also comes complete with our Windows PC software for transferring data to and from a PC, and viewing B-Scans, Cylinder Maps, and general measurements.

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