TI-25-UW-50  Underwater Probe / Cable Assembly Designed for connection with the standard TI-25M, this Cable Assembly allows the operator to measure deep below the water surface to access hard to reach areas on ship hulls, tanks and more.

5/8″ reinforced polyethylene tubing provides physical protection against pinching of the cable and ensures 100% protection from the elements.

PEEK Wareface (5/8″, 16 mm diameter) is super-hard and extremely resistant to damage, even when “scrubbed” along corroded, rough metal surfaces.

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TI-UMX2 Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Measuring Range in Steel
0.025 – 19.99 inches
0.63 – 508.0 mm

The new  TI-UMX2 Underwater Wall Thickness Gauge accurately measures the wall thickness of all metals, extent of the corrosion, and the thickness of coatings on them — at depths of up to 1000 feet (300 Meters).

The TI-UMX-2 can store up to 5000 readings including A-Scan Waveforms and settings for each individual measurement. There are 2 file structure options; sequential with auto identifier and alphanumeric grid (row/column) format. The UMX-2 can transfer data and configuration settings to a PC using our DataComm software. (Software and transfer cable included).

Velocity Settings
The TI-UMX2 has 8 preset velocities and 1 custom velocity allowing the user to customize it for specific applications, or to tune the calibration to be optimized for a specific type of material.

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